May 1st

While this day is celebrated in the Pacific as Lei Day, and across Europe and the United States as May Day, for me this year it is simply the first day of May.  That means I am very, very close to the end of school.  And once school is out, I will have a week at home, and then Tony and I will pack our kids up for our first REAL vacation ever.  We have gone to see my mom.  We have gone to Galveston to stay at my in-laws’ house.  We have all gone to church camp together.  The kids and I have even gone to visit my friend, Carolyn, in Arkansas.  But we’ve not ONCE been on a vacation going to a place we know no one–where we just headed off to see what adventure might await.

Our destination?  Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo.

“Palo Duro is so big, so deep, it can create its own weather, and on this trip a furious March snowstorm blurs the horizon on the rim, then turns to rain during the nearly 800-foot drop in elevation to the canyon floor. A blistering north wind is sucked down into its gullies and draws, and after ricocheting off red rock and sand, it blows from every direction at once.” Mike Leggett

We have reserved a cabin on the rim of the canyon that will look a little something like this.

The stone cabins were built during the Roosevelt administration’s work program.

Tony and I have been looking forward to this for a long time–and the kids are excited as well. This next photo is a picture of Tony in Colorado last summer–but I expect the smile this summer to be just the same or possibly a smidge bigger since we will, after all, be in Texas.

We will be there for Thad’s birthday. Normally we go to McDonald’s for his birthday breakfast, but his year, he will feast at a Texas landmark on good ‘ole Route 66.

This three minute shows what we’re in for–a good time with some gorgeous scenery. We’re all just a little excited.

7 thoughts on “May 1st

  1. I love love love Palo Duro Canyon. How did I not know they have cabins to rent. You may have to send me that info. Greg, Jack, and I may need to do that one day for a vacation.

    • There are only THREE cabins up on the rim of the canyon, then there are some others down on the floor of the canyon, but you have to rent WAY in advance. That being said–I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. i love love love vacations!! How cool that you all are finally going on a REAL vacation 🙂 I also love going to new places and seeing cool nature things like canyons. I’d be excited too!

  3. I was just about to say, “You have to go to the Big Texan” and saw the rest of this. Make sure you get the peach sweet tea in a boot. 🙂
    And also check out Cadillac Ranch. Bring the spray paint!

    • I was JUST telling Tony this weekend that we need to take the kids to see Cadillac ranch. Of course, I had FORGOTTEN the spray paint. School teacher in me. It will be fun to RUN AMOK with permission!!!

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