Odd Foods Make Just as Much Sense

My children have become “classic” rock fans. Classic rock NOW means what *I* listened to when I was their age. (I have an 8th grade-nearly 14 year-old. . .can you say “Land Down Under”, “Safety Dance”, Tears for Fears, Wham, Air Supply, Journey???). Thankfully, their understanding of the lyrics at this point is as clear as my understanding was long ago=NOT very clear. (It wasn’t until TWO YEARS AGO that I realized Men At Work was singing about illicit opium usage in that “Land Down Under” diddy. I’m cray like that. It’s all my swag. And the way I am a Boss.)

Alas, The Who is not asking a question to verify your identity. . .they are singing about Blue Oranges. The Steve Miller Band is not discussing sub tropical amour. . .no–it’s really Chocolate and Strawberry Mint that are making them crazy, crazy.

And who am I to correct them? They know perfectly well who they are–at least for a bit longer–and they have NO BUSINESS even THINKING about Jungle Love. Not until they are old enough to no longer know who they are. Just sayin’.

(BTW–the place where I found the blue oranges has some WAY COOL photos


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