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It has taken us a little longer to get through our Lord of the Rings marathon this summer what with our gadding about and all. Tonight we finally watched the second disc of the 3rd movie. All manner of cool lines were delivered and Legolas skated down the oliphant’s trunk and Aragorn and Merry and Pippin run toward the Black Gate screaming “Foooooorrrr Froooodoooooo. . .” and it was AWESOME. Thad, however, kept a running commentary. . .as he did last year. The difference is that he is a year old and a year more sarcastic. It was like watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater. . .and Thad was playing all three critics.

Sam and Frodo FINALLY make it into Mount Doom where Frodo is taken over by the ring. . .oh no–here comes Gollum sneaking up YET AGAIN. After a struggle on the edge of a volcano, Gollum BITES OFF Frodo’s finger in an effort to get the ring for himself. Gollum and Frodo struggle MORE, and both fall over the precipice–but as Sam runs to see Frodo’s doom, he finds Frodo is hanging onto the ledge with his good hand while the injured ones hangs at his side.

Sam looks into Frodo’s weary eyes and realizes that Frodo is contemplating ending his life. Sam says, “Don’t you let go, Mr. Frodo. Don’t you DARE let go.” Frodo looks at Sam pondering his next action–it’s a breath-holding movie moment no matter how many times you’ve viewed the scene.

Then Sam pleads, “Give me your hand, Mr. Frodo. Give me your hand!!!”

AND THAD SAYS, “Or what’s left of it.”


Palo Duro Scenery

And one more video of sights we saw. My Animoto account doesn’t upload the most crisp photos, so my faves are (again) below in a gallery form that you can scroll through.

Click underlined link below for the video. . .

Palo Duro Scenery.

Click the first photo below to scroll through the gallery

Palo Duro Canyon, 2012

Click on the underlined link below to see a short video of the family photos from our vacation.

Copy of Palo Duro Canyon, 2012.

And here are my favorites should you care to see them up close and personal. Click the first photo to scroll through the gallery.

Randomness 10.10

In lieu of an actual, ya know, post. . .I decided to dive into my photo file, go to the tenth folder and upload the tenth photo without even checking to see what it is. I’m livin’ CRAZY, y’all.

June, 2008

Oh heavens!!! This is the HUMONGOUS burn pile from clearing the land for our house. What a PAIN that turned out to be–the burning of it and the mess made from it and it was just a mess, mess, mess. A big ole messy mess. BUT, That is all gone (for the most part–we do occasionally unearth a charred piece of wood which makes my stomach knot up because, if I didn’t mention, that was a MESS) and I am sitting in a study that is sitting atop a VERY solid foundation that is sitting atop a pad that had to be installed after that burn pile was dug up and carried off and removed.

So. Glad. That. Is over.

October, 2009 (Today is 6/6, so I multiplied 6×6=36 and divided 2012 by 36 which equaled 55.8. This was the 55th photo in the “my pictures” folder on our C drive.)
That was (sort of) fun. . .let’s do another.

Victoria played intramural volleyball at the 6th grade campus and loved it. This was a tournament day, and two differentiate themselves from the other squads from their school, the girls chose different colors. Theirs, obviously, was Robin’s Egg Blue. I was in charge of ribbons, and some girl’s mom found socks for everyone.

One more, then off to bed. . .let’s see. . .Thad has a friend over tonight–Thomas. The sum of their ages is 22. Victoria is with another friend. The sum of their ages is 27. So 27th folder, 22nd photo. . .here we go.

April, 2009 First Mother Daughter Luncheon in the new house.

It was VERY bright. 🙂

Ahhh. . .

Much like at my neighbor’s pool today, we have not merely dipped our toe into summer–we have cannon-balled it. With a mushroom cloud-like sploosh and all. We are barely four full days in, and we are immersed. As it should be. For the past two years, I have made summer calendars–June-August all typed up and lined out for everyone to see. . .including you. (Click on photo to get ALL up in our business.)

You will notice that there are only TWO weeks of the summer that don’t have long lines on them. Those are the TWO weeks that we have NOTHING planned. Except, of course, now we do.

Today went something like this. . .

Wake up
Eat breakfast
Do dishes
Make necessary phone calls to two childrens’ friends’ moms to iron out sleep-over details for tomorrow (I like to knock the sleep-overs out in pairs)
Reschedule chiropractor appt.
Schedule appointment with the Kia place to make tail lights work before we go to Amarillo
Sit down
Swim at friend’s house
Make Lunch
Play phone tag with one friend mom
eat lunch
(With kids in tow) Go to chiropractor, bank, Little Ceasars for cheap dinner, car wash (kids helped vacuum), Half Price books, Wendy’s (for dessert–Frosty), Dollar Tree for batteries (they were out of good bread), Wal-Mart for returns, pickles (dropped the jar and broke it on Sunday–pickles and glass EVERYWHERE on my bare feet) and mayonnaise, gas, Sonic for liquid sustenance, and HOME.

Two years ago when I first made our huge summer calendar, I cried. Seriously. It stressed me right out. Last year, I sighed. This year, I am embracing the madness–happy for the health and monetary means to run around and roll around in all that summer brings.

Ahhh. . .the cicadas and frogs and crickets are out there singing a summertime song.

(summer) TIME

This is the first Sunday night of summer break. Last Sunday night, I was still masquerading as Mrs. Langley among other things. Tonight, I get to set that mantle aside for a bit, although Mrs. Roxanne is still alive and kicking.

We have already begun to enjoy our summer even though Tony wasn’t officially done until Friday. We have started our Lord of the Rings movie marathon (had to take a break tonight as Victoria is with her friend, Paige), Tony and the kids have had snow-cones, we have chocolate ice-cream AND cake cones in our kitchen, Tony smoked numerous types of meat yesterday, we purchased two new baseball gloves and could own stock on soaker hoses to keep the azaleas alive this year. Not bad for a couple of days and change.

Not ONLY that, but my girl sent me photos from her sleepover to show me how much fun she was having. It made my night.

And early this morning, Tony showed me photos that had been sent to us by some friends at church. Tanya and Hao Vu emigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the ’70’s. Tanya has recently built an orphanage in Vietnam that will begin by taking children from newborns to ten years old. Of course, as the children grow older, they will stay on at the orphanage, but right now they have an age limit due to the size of their structure. ANYWAY. . .here are our first photos of the kiddos!

They are having a meal with meat which is a big deal evidently. Some of them aren’t truly orphans but were abandoned or given up by their parents because there wasn’t enough food.

I have never, ever, ever, EVER, not even a little, tiny bit EVER wanted to go to Asia. Not China, nor Japan, nor India, nor Russia, nor anything even remotely in the region of Asia. But since we began helping Tanya and Hao, I feel this pull–in my chest. . .this desire to go and to see these children. To travel with Tanya to visit as a way to honor her hard work and selflessness in providing a home for them. I told Tony what I wanted to do, “Not, like, NOW. . .but sometime,” I said. He said, “You want to got to VIETNAM?”

Yep. I do. We’ll see. In the meantime, it’s summer time. I’ve already finished two books and started a third!!!