(summer) TIME

This is the first Sunday night of summer break. Last Sunday night, I was still masquerading as Mrs. Langley among other things. Tonight, I get to set that mantle aside for a bit, although Mrs. Roxanne is still alive and kicking.

We have already begun to enjoy our summer even though Tony wasn’t officially done until Friday. We have started our Lord of the Rings movie marathon (had to take a break tonight as Victoria is with her friend, Paige), Tony and the kids have had snow-cones, we have chocolate ice-cream AND cake cones in our kitchen, Tony smoked numerous types of meat yesterday, we purchased two new baseball gloves and could own stock on soaker hoses to keep the azaleas alive this year. Not bad for a couple of days and change.

Not ONLY that, but my girl sent me photos from her sleepover to show me how much fun she was having. It made my night.

And early this morning, Tony showed me photos that had been sent to us by some friends at church. Tanya and Hao Vu emigrated to the United States from Vietnam in the ’70’s. Tanya has recently built an orphanage in Vietnam that will begin by taking children from newborns to ten years old. Of course, as the children grow older, they will stay on at the orphanage, but right now they have an age limit due to the size of their structure. ANYWAY. . .here are our first photos of the kiddos!

They are having a meal with meat which is a big deal evidently. Some of them aren’t truly orphans but were abandoned or given up by their parents because there wasn’t enough food.

I have never, ever, ever, EVER, not even a little, tiny bit EVER wanted to go to Asia. Not China, nor Japan, nor India, nor Russia, nor anything even remotely in the region of Asia. But since we began helping Tanya and Hao, I feel this pull–in my chest. . .this desire to go and to see these children. To travel with Tanya to visit as a way to honor her hard work and selflessness in providing a home for them. I told Tony what I wanted to do, “Not, like, NOW. . .but sometime,” I said. He said, “You want to got to VIETNAM?”

Yep. I do. We’ll see. In the meantime, it’s summer time. I’ve already finished two books and started a third!!!


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