Ahhh. . .

Much like at my neighbor’s pool today, we have not merely dipped our toe into summer–we have cannon-balled it. With a mushroom cloud-like sploosh and all. We are barely four full days in, and we are immersed. As it should be. For the past two years, I have made summer calendars–June-August all typed up and lined out for everyone to see. . .including you. (Click on photo to get ALL up in our business.)

You will notice that there are only TWO weeks of the summer that don’t have long lines on them. Those are the TWO weeks that we have NOTHING planned. Except, of course, now we do.

Today went something like this. . .

Wake up
Eat breakfast
Do dishes
Make necessary phone calls to two childrens’ friends’ moms to iron out sleep-over details for tomorrow (I like to knock the sleep-overs out in pairs)
Reschedule chiropractor appt.
Schedule appointment with the Kia place to make tail lights work before we go to Amarillo
Sit down
Swim at friend’s house
Make Lunch
Play phone tag with one friend mom
eat lunch
(With kids in tow) Go to chiropractor, bank, Little Ceasars for cheap dinner, car wash (kids helped vacuum), Half Price books, Wendy’s (for dessert–Frosty), Dollar Tree for batteries (they were out of good bread), Wal-Mart for returns, pickles (dropped the jar and broke it on Sunday–pickles and glass EVERYWHERE on my bare feet) and mayonnaise, gas, Sonic for liquid sustenance, and HOME.

Two years ago when I first made our huge summer calendar, I cried. Seriously. It stressed me right out. Last year, I sighed. This year, I am embracing the madness–happy for the health and monetary means to run around and roll around in all that summer brings.

Ahhh. . .the cicadas and frogs and crickets are out there singing a summertime song.


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