Randomness 10.10

In lieu of an actual, ya know, post. . .I decided to dive into my photo file, go to the tenth folder and upload the tenth photo without even checking to see what it is. I’m livin’ CRAZY, y’all.

June, 2008

Oh heavens!!! This is the HUMONGOUS burn pile from clearing the land for our house. What a PAIN that turned out to be–the burning of it and the mess made from it and it was just a mess, mess, mess. A big ole messy mess. BUT, That is all gone (for the most part–we do occasionally unearth a charred piece of wood which makes my stomach knot up because, if I didn’t mention, that was a MESS) and I am sitting in a study that is sitting atop a VERY solid foundation that is sitting atop a pad that had to be installed after that burn pile was dug up and carried off and removed.

So. Glad. That. Is over.

October, 2009 (Today is 6/6, so I multiplied 6×6=36 and divided 2012 by 36 which equaled 55.8. This was the 55th photo in the “my pictures” folder on our C drive.)
That was (sort of) fun. . .let’s do another.

Victoria played intramural volleyball at the 6th grade campus and loved it. This was a tournament day, and two differentiate themselves from the other squads from their school, the girls chose different colors. Theirs, obviously, was Robin’s Egg Blue. I was in charge of ribbons, and some girl’s mom found socks for everyone.

One more, then off to bed. . .let’s see. . .Thad has a friend over tonight–Thomas. The sum of their ages is 22. Victoria is with another friend. The sum of their ages is 27. So 27th folder, 22nd photo. . .here we go.

April, 2009 First Mother Daughter Luncheon in the new house.

It was VERY bright. 🙂


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