More Boy

It has taken us a little longer to get through our Lord of the Rings marathon this summer what with our gadding about and all. Tonight we finally watched the second disc of the 3rd movie. All manner of cool lines were delivered and Legolas skated down the oliphant’s trunk and Aragorn and Merry and Pippin run toward the Black Gate screaming “Foooooorrrr Froooodoooooo. . .” and it was AWESOME. Thad, however, kept a running commentary. . .as he did last year. The difference is that he is a year old and a year more sarcastic. It was like watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater. . .and Thad was playing all three critics.

Sam and Frodo FINALLY make it into Mount Doom where Frodo is taken over by the ring. . .oh no–here comes Gollum sneaking up YET AGAIN. After a struggle on the edge of a volcano, Gollum BITES OFF Frodo’s finger in an effort to get the ring for himself. Gollum and Frodo struggle MORE, and both fall over the precipice–but as Sam runs to see Frodo’s doom, he finds Frodo is hanging onto the ledge with his good hand while the injured ones hangs at his side.

Sam looks into Frodo’s weary eyes and realizes that Frodo is contemplating ending his life. Sam says, “Don’t you let go, Mr. Frodo. Don’t you DARE let go.” Frodo looks at Sam pondering his next action–it’s a breath-holding movie moment no matter how many times you’ve viewed the scene.

Then Sam pleads, “Give me your hand, Mr. Frodo. Give me your hand!!!”

AND THAD SAYS, “Or what’s left of it.”


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