Borrowing from Others

I am READY to write again. . .or at the very least to post pictures of our whirl-wind summer, however, that time has not yet come. So. I will give you THIS blog post which I found to be both powerful and profound.


3 thoughts on “Borrowing from Others

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful comments you left on my blog Roxanne. I can hardly wait to see your summer photos. I have been awarded the prestigious job of doing a video to present at my parents 60th wedding anniversary on September 1st. No, I have not started yet, yes I am the world’s biggest procrastinator and will probably panic on the last week of August as to what I will do. Thanks again my dear friend! xxoo

  2. That is an excellent post you linked to. She really nailed that analogy (oh, how I love the analogies!) and lessons learned. Seems I have my most lucid thinking when I’m out running too, but mine usually ‘wash off with the suds in the drain’ before I write them down!

  3. Good article. I keep meaning to get back to blogging, too. I keep telling myself to quit being a perfectionist and just put up all the backlogged pictures and posts I’ve been putting off, or something, just to get past it, but then I feel lame for having waited so long, and I don’t. But Facebook just doesn’t cut it. Not for everything, anyway. Makes me miss you guys, when I see you over there.

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