The First of Many

Tomorrow VERY early, Victoria and I are leaving to visit my alma mater “near the foothills of the Ozarks.” It is homecoming, and I’ve never attended–but it’s a great time to make a BIG impression on The Girl. My freshman R.A. and her daughter are going with us. It’s amazing to me how God takes people and places and arranges them in ways to make beautiful lives and friendships–opportunities and blessings. Thus it was in the fall of 1987 when Rhonda Chappell was charged with watching a wing of first-floor, Cathcart freshman girls. I have NO DOUBT that I was her favorite freshman EVER–what with my loud voice and water guns and lack of housekeeping abilities. Low and behold if about 12 or 13 years after that, I ran across Rhonda and her family–which happened to contain a daughter right about Victoria’s age. Ruth and Victoria HIT. IT. OFF. Like peas and carrots to quote Forrest Gump.

This weekend will be full of not-so-subtle brain-washing about where to attend college (alhtough they can TRULY attend where they would like. . .but we hope it’s HARDING!!!) and LOTS of Girl Power as I also get to see Stephanie and (my friend) Carolyn and her family. I will be missing a senior girl from church and my Momma who couldn’t make it. . .but they will be in our thoughts while we are there.

Now. Time to pack. Yikes!!!!! It’s been a busy week, but the leaves are turning colors in central Arkansas, and a cold front is headed that direction!!!!!

In the mean time. . .


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