The New Year

Louisiana. . .pasture at home
Louisiana. . .pasture at home, 12.24.12

Five days into 2013, and I am sitting in a somewhat clean home having just enjoyed two weeks of vacation.  This night is the end of that vacation. . .tomorrow is scurry and hurry, and Monday is back to work and school (which are the same place for hubs and me).

Le tree by night
Le tree by night

There has been travel (wedding in Dallas, my mom’s house in Louisiana), Christmas celebrations, lots ‘o food, and three courses of antibiotics for the two with bronchitis (Tony and Thad) and the one with a sinus infections (me) as well as two rounds of steroids to clear up serious congestion–and it appears we will finish out the antibiotics with a round for Victoria come Monday.  We’ve had fires and watched Netflix.  We have endured both septic and water line issues and lived to tell the tale. (Our septic tanks, by the way, were scrupulously suctioned by the owner and operator of “Royal Flush Septic Services.”  His wife came up with the name, “because a Royal Flush beats a full house any time.”  Again.  True story.)

TOLD you it was a true story.
TOLD you it was a true story.

We have a car on the fritz, but we have the means and a mechanic to fix it. We have stayed up late and gotten up late and even been somewhat productive.  We’ve seen all of our dear families in Houston and in Louisiana as well as friends in both places too.  We have cooked and cleaned and hung Things on the Walls. (There is more to hang, but those pictures have been mocking me for FOUR YEARS!!!!  They can zip it now.  They are hung.)

Twenty-twelve was a year full of blessings and adventures and huge growth spurts–especially for The Girl.

December, 2012 003 rsz
My big girl, Christmas Eve, 2012

My big boy.
My big boy bridging from Webelos to Boy Scouts, 12.16.12

I am always amazed at what a year brings.   I think about friends that have enjoyed great happiness this year, and those who have endured incalculable loss.  I have loved-ones who have been relieved of illness and others who have been recently diagnosed.  The ins and outs–huge blessings and difficult trials–both life-changing in their own ways.

Our tree is still up.  It’s in the middle of our living room.  We left it, because we hadn’t celebrated our Houston family Christmas until last night due to all the antibiotic usage. . .might as well enjoy it!


As is her habit, Stephanie posted a lovely rendering of her New Year’s Resolutions on her site.  It is my resolution to write more. . .to observe and record the small things more.  To enjoy the little, twinkling lights that God sprinkles on my path more.  Happy 2013, friends.

Christmas Eve with my Momma
Christmas Eve with my Momma
Heather and Thad up too late on a Friday
Heather and Thad up too late on a Friday

7 thoughts on “The New Year

  1. Carolyn

    Ooooooooo I love the picture of the tree with the things on the wall…especially the plates, I have never seen them before! In fact I love all the pictures. Well, except the one of the Royal Flush truck!!!

    1. Those “plates” are actual a wall-hanging that Momma bought me for my birthday a year and a half ago. They have been waiting to go RIGHT THERE. I love them too (there is a close-up somewhere. My brother called them “hub caps.” They are, however, beautiful and have all the colors of my living room.

      And despite the untidy events of the Royal Flush truck’s necessity–we were VERY happy to see the owner AND his truck arrive. Thank heavens for septic system dudes!

    1. I KNOW!!!! When Tony repeated the name to write it down as he was talking to the septic company, I was like, “You have GOT to be kidding.” Thank you for your sweet words. . .

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