Sunday before the first Monday of the 2013 side of the School Year

And so begins the count down to Spring Break and more importantly to Summer Vacation, 2013!!!!!  Kids are tucked in their beds (hopefully asleep–Victoria just came wondering into the kitchen in a bit of a stupor), Tony is asleep already, and I am hot on his heels. 

I have been logging dates for the spring in my new planner.  I bought one this year.  Just a 5×7 date book.  It’s the first time in a long time I’ve even wanted one.  That is good–because that means I am trying to clear my head of all the things I tend to remember at 11:00 p.m.  It may be flawed logic–we’ll see. 

In high school and especially in college, I kept METICULOUS notes about everything that had to be done.  Being busy was like mother’s milk to me–I THRIVED on it–relished in it. . .loved it.  Now–not so much.  Now the calendar is a way for me to see when I DON’T have anything to do, rather than when I DO have things to do.

Either way.  Tomorrow begins the downhill side of the school year. . .the kids will have forgotten that I cut them some SERIOUS slack before the break by NOT making them start their persuasive writing paper.  They will have forgotten that we watched a movie for two days and played for the half day before break–that we went outside during homeroom to throw the football around and just generally run amok.  They will arrive bleary-eyed and drunk from nights of staying up too late and NOW having to arise by 5:45 a.m.  What they DON’T know is that their teacher had a GREAT break.  There was business and illness and lots to do–but there was also plenty of couch sitting and t.v. watching and napping and accomplishing of goals.  I WOULD say I am ready–but one never knows what the day will bring.

Instead I will say–LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!


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