Hanging Around

Over the course of the last few years, I have taken photos of our house so I could do a “four seasons” kind of wall hanging/grouping thing.

This was the first one taken on a misty-moisty morning when the fog was so heavy that it collected on the leaves of the trees then fell like rain.  It was odd to walk down the driveway and not get wet as I listened to a very nice rain shower taking place in the trees all around me. (Click house photos to see B-I-G.)

Through the Mist

This one was February, 2011.  We had a hard freeze in 2010, but this “freeze” was just enough snow and ice collection to  excite the children but not close school.

Various, January, February, 2011 033

June, 2011–I wanted a “summer” photo–and you can see how much the trees block the view of the house once they are all leafed out and green.  The drought last year did a number on the rest of our woods–and even some of the trees around our house.  They will grow back, though.  I ended up using this for my “spring” spot–the only difference in the spring is that we have azaleas blooming, but you can’t see them from this spot where I take the pictures.

2011, June, 16 thru 19 002

And THIS is my “summer” photo.  It’s actually from December, 2012–you can see the leaves turning on the elm.

Dec. Misc. 021

I always imagined them really large and on the wall in the living room, but for now, they are matted 5×7’s on a wall in the dining room.  You can see them when you come into our foyer–or, as Victoria called it when we first moved in, the lobby.

January, 2013 023

January, 2013 015 blog

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