We aren’t attached or anything.

So.  I am trying to take photos of the chickens daily due to the fact that someone is feeding them Miracle Grow.  Remember these little balls of fluff?

Chick Day USA 3.13.13 100

This is them today. . . (click photo to see Super Large Chickens Drinking Water)

Chicks 3.13 263

Their coming home carrier?


This was Saturday.  I could only manage to get nine in, and there was quite a bit of resistance and no shortage of opinions on their part.  (Click photo to see Super Opinionated Chickens Forced to Inhabit a Too Small Box BIG)

Chicks 3.13 181

And here are my own Chicky-Doodles on the last day of Spring Break.  They are growing fast too.

The End 2 3.16.13 150

5 thoughts on “We aren’t attached or anything.

  1. There is always that stage where they cross over to the next phase of their life, baby to toddler, toddler to, well you know how that goes, and in each stage they look less and less like our babies and more and more like full grown chickens… still they are always our babies… always will be. ❤

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