Two weeks, two days

Chick Day USA 3.13.13 deux 005pssz

This year I was blessed to mentor a first year teacher.  It was not in her plan to have her husband transferred in November, and to find out two days after school started that she was pregnant with their first child.  It’s been a busy, busy year for her. Her little boy is due in one month, and she frequently asks for my  insight or knowledge about pregnancy and newborns.  Recently we’ve talked less about the pregnancy and more about labor, delivery, and bringing her son home.  I said to her, “I promise, you will lose three weeks of your life.  Seriously.  You won’t even recognize the passing of time. . .it will just be gone.”

It’s not quite as intense with our chicken babies, obviously, but two weeks, two days in the life of a pullet brings a lot of changes.

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Day One

Chick Day USA 3.13.13 deux 032

This morning. . .

3.29.13, 2013 001




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