What is it with Boys?

Well. . .today I found a little gem of a poem of sorts. . .free verse. . .what-have-you.  It’s entitled:

Recipe for Growing Boys by Irene Noble

Take one boy, about seven pounds.  Give to a family who loves him very much.  Simmer together with laughter, patience, comfort and a deep sense of responsibility for about three years.  Let season but watch carefully for signs of spoiling.

Mix one part firmness with two parts understanding. Add both at the same time, with mature wisdom.  Let season.  Then mix thoroughly the Golden Rule with some baseball, fishing trips, responsibilities, privacy, picnics, games and a cookie jar.  Shake in some soap, toothpaste, and a comb.

Now very slowly add some good books, some music, a football, a lawn mower and a savings account.  Let season quite awhile.  Then mix liberally with some dreams that make sense and some that don’t; some for fun and some for growth.  Stir in some good conversation about grades, honor, beliefs, love, patriotism, girls, cars and the World Series.  Sprinkle with humor. . .For extra interest, add a few roots such as integrity, fidelity, determination and gentleness.  Mix with an interest in school activities, civic duty and his fellow man.  Pour in some weekend jobs and a goal or two.  Let season.

When you think he’s ready, garnish with faith in tomorrow and gaze with pride. . . 

I really liked it.  And there isn’t a boy theme going on here. . .it just seems like boys are in the water.  And that’s fine with me, ’cause the one I married and the one I gave birth two are my very favorites ever.


One thought on “What is it with Boys?

  1. Cindy

    Thank you for the Recipe for Growing Boys. I had read the poem before and then I lost it, so I was pleased when it showed up on my Google search today.

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