Sadie’s Lamp

This lamp belonged to Sadie Williams.  She is a woman I never met.  I may have seen a picture of her, but I could not identify her if I saw the photo again.  Despite all of that, I have known this lamp for about twenty years and owned it for at least eight. It was …

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Long ago and far away

Tonight I scanned in some photos my father-in-law took while on a military assignment in England.  He was in the Air Force during the Korean War--and he was VERY, VERY young.  A Texan enjoying the English country side.

Nature or Nurture or Just Good Taste in Movies?

Thad had a boat load of homework to complete tonight.  I mean a ton.  A lot.  A monumental amount.  Because he tends to get sidetracked at times. . .like when he was three and Tony lowered him behind the couch by his ankles to retrieve his Batmobile.  Thad exclaimed, "I got it!  I got it!"  …

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