Both kids were invited to Halloween parties tonight, so after school they got all duded up in their outfits.  This year, we have a mythological being and a video game character. . .and a friend who was ALSO a video game character.

Small Kids 10.13 093

Scorpion, a Creeper, and Medusa ready to rumble.

Small no arms 10.13 097

Thad put his hands in his pockets, because Creepers have no arms.

Small Medusa and Creeper 10.13 098

Creeper and Medusa taking a selfie.

Small Medusa Back 10.13 104

Medusa and her snaky companions.

Small Medusa glasses 10.13 103

She wore sunglasses so as not to turn anyone into stone. . .so thoughtful.

Small Medusa Selfie 10.13 102

A little using the back of a cell phone action a la Percy Jackson.

When I went to pick up Thad (and Thomas), Thad heard me call him and called back, “Not yet!!!!”  Victoria called about 9:00 and asked if she could stay until 10:30 rather than 10:00.  I’d say they had a fun time.

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