Photo Salad

Some pictures that have no rhyme or reason other than I like them. . .as is evidenced by my deciding to take them, resize them, and post them.

Blog Clearing

It may not be evident if you’ve not been to our house, but Tony and I have been doing some clearing in the back. . .just to make a more gradual step from lawn to woods. We’re leaving some of the yaupon and American Beauty berries, though.

Blog Evening Light

Light shining through the trees over the chicken run and coop. . .Blog Evening Shadows. . .and the shadows that are created on the side of the house.

Blog Chicken Vertigo

I’ve entitled this one “Chicken Vertigo.” They were pecking at American Beauty berries that I’d thrown into the coop, but with the black and white on the Barred Rock, there is somewhat of a hypnotic effect.

Blog headless chickens

Same three hens doing their best impersonation of Marie Antionette. . .look, Ma. . .no heads. Really, they are all three preening their feathers. Prissy.

Blog Chickens Own it 2

It’s worth the effort though–pretty hens.

Blog Chicken Bokeh

I call this “Chicken Bokeh” from the blurred effect on the hens that are not in focus.

Blog Chicken Beauty

She’s a beauty.


One thought on “Photo Salad

  1. Gorgeous hens. I also love all the eggs they are laying. Love, in the way of appreciation… because I haven’t had any, but I do love that they are productive for you all. I think K’s hens are down to one a day. She would bring me a dozen quite regularly – she had too many!

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