The Brain

If I could say the title of this the way that Victoria and Thad do, you might understand the significance.  When they say this, they deepen their voices and send them into silliness just a little–they draw out the “aaaaaiiiiii” in brain and you know they are talking about icky, sticky preserved in a jar gray matter–not the computer that is in everyone’s head.

Victoria is taking an AP psychology class this year.  She had to do a project on The Brain.  This is it.

Misc. 10.13 004

Misc. 10.13 001I had to use my own brain more than a little bit to figure out how to get a full-sized styro foam head to balance while dangling from a wire coat hanger.  Brains are very, very interesting and amazing and indescribable, but Victoria made a really cool model.  She enjoyed this study–learning about the amygdala and the hippocampus and the different cortices. Her brain is firing on many, many cylinders.

We are ten days into November, and I’m not quite sure how we got here.  The time change allows us lovely sunrises in the morning on the way to school at 6:25 give or take five minutes.  There has been rain the past couple of weeks.  The weather has gotten cooler, and the light has changed.Misc. 2 10.13 001 Misc. 2 10.13 002

Tony continues to clear things out of the woods behind out house.  I had just been a big bramble, but as he clips and cuts and prunes, you can see the beauty that is there.  This leads to big piles of brush–mainly yaupon, green briar, and grape vines–that need to be burned.  I help him here and there with the clearing and the burning. . .when I’m not balancing brains–mine and everyone else’s.Misc. 2 10.13 003 Victoria is somewhere on the phone with her friend Angelica.  They set up a Pinterest board today entitled “Victoria and Jelly are Awesome.”  They are 15.  I remember 15–at least pieces of it.  It involved a lot of laughter and being loud and football and basketball games and a play in the spring.  My brain probably remembers more than that, but it has too many other things that struggle to the top to take precedence.

Tony and Thad are in the living room discussing Boy Scout things while playing Star Wars games on some game system (Nintendo 64–thank you Stephanie).  Thad practiced his trumpet earlier–first year in band.  He’s in middle school now–6th grade.  His brain is learning new things–and his brain loves his Momma, so that makes me happy.

We have much to be happy about–and I hope you do to, on this fine Sunday evening in the first third of November.



It’s Fall, Y’all

Small LeavesThese are leaves from our trees:  Sassafras, Yaupon, elm, grape vines, and obviously pine cones.  I COULD tell you that they all fell like so much confetti right into this exact spot, but that would be a lie.  The TRUTH is, that the pale yellow one WAS there, but I kept finding pretty ones, so I just tossed ’em down and called ‘er done.

Small Dining AutumnIndian Corn and mini pumpkins and fake leaves and pinecones (from the yard) on one of Granny’s little tables with my nod to my home state in a frame.

Small Dining 1st FireFirst fire of the year:  November 7th.  Thad (and his feet) are enjoying it.  We care not that it was only 60 degrees–balmy by some standards.  It is cold enough for a jacket and a fire at our house.

Small WreathAnd THIS, I am proud of.  It is a grapevine wreath that I twisted together from wild grapevines that are ALL OVER our property.  We have been clearing out some underbrush, and the vines grow all over everything.  I started this wreath a couple of weeks ago, and now it is finished.  Right now it is naked, but I plan dress it up some and hang it on our door.

Small Dining Wreath


Small Dining Full

So after nearly five years in the house, we have decided some dining room curtains are in order.  In the photos it will appear that my house is spic and span, but if you look closely at my table, you will see a swath through the dust, and I conveniently did NOT photograph the right half of the dining room as it is piled high with flotsam and jetsam that will float away to a donation spot soon.

No matter–we love our new curtains.  Even Victoria who HATES change loves them.  Even Thad who cares not a fig for decorating loves them.  They make the dining room feel all official.  Penneys . . .on sale.  Can’t beat it with a stick.

Small Dining CurtainsThey are actually silver, but I love how they pick up the blue in the walls.

Small DiningI also love how they look with the cherry furniture. (Peep my Granny’s China cabinet there on the left full of my blue and white dishes.  Happiness!)

It’s the little things, don’tcha know.