Making Stuff

I saw.  I pinned.  I made. This was not my idea.  But I ran with it.  To see the original, make clicky.  I happened to have TWO of those frames in my closet as I game them for gifts a couple of years ago and have yet to put mine together.  It's good I had …

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What a blessing to have good friends.  MaryLinda and Stephanie came this weekend.  Among other things, we informed MaryLinda that she is, in fact, 44, we went to the British Isles store in Rice Village--a nice, little jaunt--, ate some incredible fish and chips at Baker Street Pub, ate too much in general, visited a …

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I have gotten into the habit of putting on my makeup in the car.  It's a bad habit. . .but it's one that saves time at the house.  Seeing as how we are out of here between 6:15 and 6:25 most days, those few extra minutes are needed.  HOWEVER, carrying one's makeup to and fro …

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