Making Stuff

I saw.  I pinned.  I made.

Feb 2014 005 ps

This was not my idea.  But I ran with it.  To see the original, make clicky.  I happened to have TWO of those frames in my closet as I game them for gifts a couple of years ago and have yet to put mine together.  It’s good I had two as I broke one of the panes during construction.

Lest you think that our Sunday and Monday were easy, breezy, let me assure you that they were NEITHER.  Alas, they are gone, gone, gone. . .or mostly gone.  Today I accomplished losing my cool with my son BEFORE school, speaking as little as possible to my students during the day as it was the safest plan for all of us (they watched the beginning of Anne Frank:  The Whole Story), and pinned lots and lots of organizational things and created work charts and helped with homework and served left-overs for dinner.  And now. . .a BLOG POST!!!!!

Plus, I had an excuse to be creative and playing with fonts and pretty paper ALWAYS helps.

Victoria and Thad both (wisely) LOVE our new activity calendar.  Victoria picked Monday’s font as that was the day of HER birth.  Thad got to pick Tuesday for the same reason.  I picked the rest and it was F-U-N.  We have a large calendar on the fridge, but this one will be one to which I can point when someone asks if something ELSE can be crammed into our week.



MRS, 2014What a blessing to have good friends.  MaryLinda and Stephanie came this weekend.  Among other things, we informed MaryLinda that she is, in fact, 44, we went to the British Isles store in Rice Village–a nice, little jaunt–, ate some incredible fish and chips at Baker Street Pub, ate too much in general, visited a friend at MD Anderson, read letters that they had sent to me during jr. high and high school, and I got us matching bracelets so on the days we need our girlfriends beside us, we have them right there shining on our wrists reminding us of many, many things.

It is nice to remember who you were, who you are, and know that whomever you will be is already covered by the love and devotion of friends.  As Stephanie said this weekend, “God put y’all into my life.  None of us had much choice.”  And I’m SO GLAD!!!!!


I have gotten into the habit of putting on my makeup in the car.  It’s a bad habit. . .but it’s one that saves time at the house.  Seeing as how we are out of here between 6:15 and 6:25 most days, those few extra minutes are needed.  HOWEVER, carrying one’s makeup to and fro (even if it’s not so expensive) is hard on things that tend to shatter–like blush and powder. Alas, I found myself with nothing but powdery chunks on Sunday a.m. on the way to church.

So–while at the grocery store that afternoon, I got some new powder and some eye shadow too.  This is a brand I’ve never even seen–but it was the least expensive thing they had and SO PRETTY.

Dec Jan 13 14 439

Unique packaging–although my fingers and their carpal tunnel leaning weren’t too keen on the curved applicator brush for the eyeshadow–still it is a cool design.

Dec Jan 13 14 440
I very nearly don’t want to use it. So pretty!
Dec Jan 13 14 438


Dec Jan 13 14 442

The mirror and powder puff are stored UNDER the powder. I use a brush, but it’s still cool.

In honor of my new lace embossed powder and sparkling eye-shadow, I put my makeup on at home this morning.  Not sure how long that will last–probably until the Chantilly pressed powder just resembles plain, old powder.  Still–it was nice today.

Fluff, fluff, fluff.  But LONGER fluff than the past three entries.  SEEEEEEE?????  Warming back up here.

“. . .Poor little old human beings—they’re jerked into this world without having any idea where they came from or what it is they are supposed to do, or how long they have to do it in.  Or where they are gonna wind up after that.  But bless their hearts, most of them wake up every morning and keep on trying to make some sense out of it.  Why, you can’t help but love them, can you?  I just wonder why more of them aren’t as crazy as betsy bugs.”

Aunt Elner, from Welcome to the World, Baby Girl by Fanny Flagg