MRS, 2014What a blessing to have good friends.  MaryLinda and Stephanie came this weekend.  Among other things, we informed MaryLinda that she is, in fact, 44, we went to the British Isles store in Rice Village–a nice, little jaunt–, ate some incredible fish and chips at Baker Street Pub, ate too much in general, visited a friend at MD Anderson, read letters that they had sent to me during jr. high and high school, and I got us matching bracelets so on the days we need our girlfriends beside us, we have them right there shining on our wrists reminding us of many, many things.

It is nice to remember who you were, who you are, and know that whomever you will be is already covered by the love and devotion of friends.  As Stephanie said this weekend, “God put y’all into my life.  None of us had much choice.”  And I’m SO GLAD!!!!!


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