Making Stuff

I saw.  I pinned.  I made.

Feb 2014 005 ps

This was not my idea.  But I ran with it.  To see the original, make clicky.  I happened to have TWO of those frames in my closet as I game them for gifts a couple of years ago and have yet to put mine together.  It’s good I had two as I broke one of the panes during construction.

Lest you think that our Sunday and Monday were easy, breezy, let me assure you that they were NEITHER.  Alas, they are gone, gone, gone. . .or mostly gone.  Today I accomplished losing my cool with my son BEFORE school, speaking as little as possible to my students during the day as it was the safest plan for all of us (they watched the beginning of Anne Frank:  The Whole Story), and pinned lots and lots of organizational things and created work charts and helped with homework and served left-overs for dinner.  And now. . .a BLOG POST!!!!!

Plus, I had an excuse to be creative and playing with fonts and pretty paper ALWAYS helps.

Victoria and Thad both (wisely) LOVE our new activity calendar.  Victoria picked Monday’s font as that was the day of HER birth.  Thad got to pick Tuesday for the same reason.  I picked the rest and it was F-U-N.  We have a large calendar on the fridge, but this one will be one to which I can point when someone asks if something ELSE can be crammed into our week.


Tell me what ya think.

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