January 9th of 2014 marked the fifth year in our “new” home.  And five years is not really a long time to be in a home.

My mother has been in hers for 48 years.

Dec 2007 - Mar 2008 202
View across the pasture from Nanny and Grandaddy’s house where Daddy grew up and where my sister now lives.

Tony’s parents have been in theirs for about 52.

Fire Evacuation, 2011 064 crop
Tony’s parents’ bedroom the Sunday morning we finally got to go back into our home after the fires. . .back when Victoria was shorter than me and we were both very tanned. I need more pictures of their house. The chandelier is an original.

We lived in the Copperfield house for 12.

In the two pictures prior to this one, Thad was pointing at the sold sign and sticking his tongue out. He and Victoria weren’t too hip on moving.

We had one last “hold out” as far as rooms went, though.  For five years, the study served as the last repository of moving, filled with boxes and junk galore.  We had a full week for Thanksgiving this year, and Tony was inspired to get the study in shape.  That he did.  We all pitched in somewhat, but he had a vision, and took the reigns.

blog study 6
He moved the furniture to one end (it was a perfect fit). He built a frame for the world map out of old fence planks back when we were in the old house. Now it’s finally on the wall for which it was intended. The chess set is actually multiple games that my mom gave him long ago. He was very glad to finally get them on the table.
blog study 5
More Anthony Langley Original fence plank frames on the opposing wall. The other map is of Camp Philmont. The rug was intended for the dining room but turned out to be too small. The green chair was in our room, and I miss it, but it’s so nice in here.
blog study 4
Looking out the study doors into the living room. The shelf above the doors is yet ANOTHER Tony original, and I’ve already shown a photo of the grape wreath I made from our own grape vines.
blog study 3
Treasures on the shelf: Eagle Scout award, Teacher of the Year award, wooden giraffe he made in wood shop in jr. high or high school, campaign poster for Bellaire City Council, log chewed in two by genuine beavers in Colorado, his grandmother’s rotary dial phone from her New Orleans home, a commemorative Astro Dome tin from the last baseball game played there, and a shadow box (also made by my wood-working husband) containing the shell of the largest crab he’s ever caught as well as other miscellaneous things either made or treasured by him.
blog study 1
Blood donation mugs atop the study furniture.
blog study 2
And the pièce de résistance. . .a large photo of him and his buddies in the beloved campsite doing what they do there. . .except they are normally all three in hammocks–this was an effort to show the main activities simultaneously.

We have all enjoyed the study.  It’s a lovely placed to sit (in the green chair) and talk on the phone.  The table is used by Victoria and Tony a lot–the computer by all of us.  Sometimes I just like to walk in and enjoy the calm and the silence.  Although I think Thad would have preferred to have kept the furniture out.  It’s easier to wage war that way.



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