Whatchoo lookin’ at, chick?

Victoria has named this handsome fellow Mr. Rooster.  Mr. Rooster is looking quite dapper no?  He doesn’t really belong to us but seems to think that the yaupons in our yard are THE perfect place to roost at night.  And crow.  Whenever he feels like it.

Blog Mr. Rooster

He was a sad, pathetic specimen of bedraggled, featherless poultry when he wandered to our yard from the neighbors next door.  They have a FINE looking rooster–even prettier than this one, and evidently he ruled the roost.  I’m not sure if this one was offspring or just a third wheel, but his comb was lax and pale, his feathers were just embarrassing, and despite the fact that Tony and I have seen a chicken or two in our day, we swore for THE LONGEST TIME that he was a scrawny hen.  THAT is how pathetic he was.

He now acts as sentry for the girls.  Despite his best efforts, he can’t get to them, but he hangs around anyway.  Between the few scraps we throw him out of love for fowl and what the girls nudge under the fence when they are eating their feed, he has managed to become quite the looker.

Blog Mr. Rooster 2He had better eat his Wheaties, because as of Friday, there are three more pullets to add to the flock.

Blog BabiesMeet Holly, Molly, and Lavender.  They are Americaunas and will lay lovely blue-ish green-ish/green-ish blue eggs come August.  We had been planning them as an addition, and they are asleep in their box in the kitchen right now.  They won’t be ready to add to the flock until about May, so we will keep them in the house for a few weeks until the cold weather is done, then put them in a closed off section of the coop so the ladies can grow accustomed to their presence.  Once they are big enough to hold their own and eat what the big girls eat, they will be released into the flock.

Blog Lavendar

This is Lavender. Thad chose Holly, Molly, and Jolly as the names since he and his Daddy were the ones to pick them out and bring them home.

Blog Lavendar 3

Victoria vetoed Jolly, however, and she and her friend Angelica decided on Lavender. Thad is holding her here.  She doesn’t seem to mind him OR her name.

Blog Lavendar 2

She is lighter colored than the other two, so we know it’s her. After Holly and Molly grow, we should be able to tell them apart. . .if not, no harm done.

These little, biddies were born on Wednesday, so we didn’t get as many newborn fuzzy photos.  Yesterday they already had their pin feathers growing in.  Amazing.


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