Feb 28 March 1 2014 083 ps

For some reason, I am really digging kraft paper right now.  I guess I’ve always loved it.  I come by it naturally.  The paper mill where most of the men I loved in the world spent a large majority of their day made brown, paper bags.  Going to the store across from Granny and PaPaw’s meant peanut butter logs and Super Bubble (green apple, please) in a little, penny bag.  All of jr. high and high school, my lunches were packed in brown lunch sacks.  That doesn’t even cover the multiple craft projects and assignments that were made from grocery sacks (as we called them).  There was once even a (very short-lived) boycott of a store in my small town (West Bros.), because they were using new-fangled plastic bags rather than the brown, paper ones that those men I loved spent most of their days making. They got rid of the plastic bags.  Fast.

As I was photographing our new chicks on Saturday, I noticed the sun casting these perfect shadows of some of my favorite things sitting on the window sill.  I loved how the shadows of the cast iron chair and girl were shown so clearly on the brown cardboard.  Kraft paper, intricate metal work, windows, sunlight and shadow, and eyes with which to see it all.  What blessings.

Feb 28 March 1 2014 084 ps

Feb 28 March 1 2014 085



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