How many critters can I (legitimately) mention in one post?

We have three baby chickens in a box in our kitchen.  They are sprouting feathers, peep-peep-peeping and generally growing quickly.



We have a very pregnant kitty in the old snake cage in the garage.  She actually lives across the road, but we are going to adopt two of her litter of kittens.  To aid in their arrival, we are serving as the maternity ward so she will have a warm, dry, well-protected spot to give birth and pass her convalescence.


We have her in the cage so that a) we don’t have kittens in an inaccessible location, and b) so that Poppy has no reason to misbehave.  It is, after all, her garage at night.  She was none too happy with the interloper at first but has calmed down substantially.


I was feeling a little guilty about the size of her digs until I saw what they keep full-grown cats in at Petsmart.  We could put 4-5 adult cats in here.

Some dogs (don’t know from whence they came) visited our back yard and were very, VERY unkind to Mr. Rooster who is now no more. Tony got one of them with some wasp spray, so hopefully that will be enough to deter any future visits.

Blog Mr. Rooster 2

One of the dogs was still circling the chicken run when we got out there.  It was making The Girls extremely nervous and well so.  At least they had the sense to run into their house (even though the dogs can’t get to them).  I have a feeling that Mr. Rooster went out in a blaze of chivalry.  We shut the door they use to go into the run, so they are inside the coop and safe.



In the mean time, it’s spring break.  We are headed to Galveston for a couple of days to ride some rides on the Pleasure Pier and do a little crabbing on the way back home.

Crabbing Sept.,2013 014All animals are safely stowed away in the kitchen, coop, or garage with water and food aplenty.

I counted: chicks (3), Cat (2), kittens (unknown quantity), snake (cage), dogs (2), rooster (1, deceased) , wasp (spray), chickens (11), crabs (hopefully enough to fill a large pot).


Tell me what ya think.

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