A Lovely Day

Blog Luncheon 5.3.2014 397This was our 12th annual Mother Daughter/Spring Luncheon.  The day could not have been more lovely–perfect weather, just the right amount of breeze, a temperature that was sublime (Victoria declared, “I LOVE this air.  I feels like NOTHING!”) and low-for-us humidity.  Top it all off with me actually having FOOD on the table when guests arrived and THINGS ready to go, and I got to sit down and eat WITH my guests this year.  Of course, I walked like a decrepit, old woman for the next two days, but as always, the effort is so very, very worth it.

We had many friends from many places come to join us.  Twelve pounds of chicken salad, sixty croissants, five gallons of punch, four gallons of tea, two and a half cakes, twenty-four cupcakes, and various and sundry other foodities (INCLUDING some WONDERFUL homemade eggrolls and fried rice from Tanya Nguyen) were enjoyed by all.  My sweet, friend Rebecca came again with her girls and one of two sons in tow to help.  I called her my “sliceista.”  I don’t need a BARista. . .but she sliced everything–tomatoes, croissants, cheese–and arranged pickle, veggie, and meat plates AND took over as main photographer until after I had finished my lunch!

My girl and me!

My girl and me!

View the slideshow OR click on thumbprint photos (many of them from Rebecca) below to see larger.

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6 thoughts on “A Lovely Day

  1. Thank you! I needed ALL of my helpers to get it done! Victoria and the Kerr girls put out table cloths and craft supplies, and Becky took care of slicing and arranging. YOU need to come one year. 🙂

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