iWhatevers: Kittens and Randomness

Awhile back, I was reading a post from this blog where the writer referred to smart devices an “iWhatever.”  I thought that was rather clever and have taken to using it with my kiddos the past two school years.  “Put your iWhatevers away.”  “You can use you iWhatevers IF you have earbuds.  You may NOT share with a friend.”  “Finish this assignment and you can spend the last five minutes on your iWhatever.”  They now ask, “Can we use our iWhatevers?”  I love that–aside from the fact that it should be “MAY we use our iWhatevers.”  Thanks for letting me high-jack your clever verbage (without your knowledge or permission.), El Commodore and Majesty.  It’s about the only thing my students find cool about me.

In keeping with the iWhatever, below is a photographic compendium of iWhatever technological output.  From our house to yours.

Bella Bath 5.12.14
This is Bella. She is beautiful as her name suggests. She is also (now) clean.
Bella Bath 5 Clean Kittens
Everyone of Thistle’s kittens is prettier than the next. Not an ugly one in the litter. One of the orange ones is Eddie–Bella’s litter mate that will be ours permanently.
Bella Bath 5 Clean Kitten Backs
They were, however, riddled with fleas from their mama. They are now washed, medicated, and asleep.
Bella and Siblings in Tub
The one looking on is who we call Scaredy Cat. Early on, my vote was for us to keep her, but she may be a little high strung. All of the kittens handled the bath well, though–even S.C.
Bella Bath Beautiful
More Bella. I TOLD YOU she was pretty.
Bella Bath Selfie
Victoria is not the normal teen-aged girl, but she DOES enjoy a selfie with her cat. In other news, my daughter is wearing my strand of (very nice) faux pearls that I received as a high school graduation present. Cool.
Lint Feather
When one finds a feather adhered to one’s lint roller, one can only hope it came from one’s chickens.
Thad Refreshment
I found this empty, jazzed up can of Some Boy’s favorite fruit punch on the table the other day. Dude knows how to enjoy a beverage.

***THIS JUST IN***  Victoria has e-mailed me from school to say that we CANNOT name the little, male kitten Eddie.  She and Thad FINALLY agreed on the name (her suggestion even), but it was not to be.  Her reasoning (after telling her friends the names I’m assuming) is that Bella and Eddie will elicit the whole Bella/Edward/Twilight thing.  She is vehemently opposed to the faintest hint of such.  She has come up with a new list:  Leo, Oliver, and Toby.  Toby being the likely candidate as it was suggested by Thad.  Oh my.


4 thoughts on “iWhatevers: Kittens and Randomness

  1. I’ll tell ya what I think! (I just noticed your Comment slogan!)
    I am GIDDY thinking about you and Victoria coming to visit. The anticipation of us hanging out is filling my heart – like helium in a birthday balloon.
    Already thinking about what we can do – show and tell, how long can you stay?!?!?!

    1. I hear that kitty cats are MUCH easier to house and feed than puppy dawds. I bet Caroline would LOVE a pair of orange kitties (brother and sister just like Jack and her) and ALL of you would be charmed to watch them play. We’ve got JUST the pair for you. You could name them Luke and Leia. It’s PERFECT!

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