A Nice, Deep Breath

I was supposed to be at the chiropractor this afternoon, but since we have had something just about every single “free” moment of the past month or so, I decided I would forego the relief of 45 year old back pain and come home after school today.

Ahhhh. . . .

We are having a very good, but very BUSY beginning of the  school year.  Today is the first day I feel like I have been able to breathe in my classroom.  I have never been happier for a “test day” in my LIFE.

Tomorrow morning is Lego club. Tonight is cutting out shapes to replace the ones I’ve had forever that have mysteriously vanished since last spring.  I spent all of my “relaxing” test day looking for them–but at least now my desk is clean.  🙂  Tomorrow night is taxiing girls to a football game.  Saturday Thad’s buddy will be with us from early morn to late night. But right now, it’s Friday Eve, and I’m home before 7:00 with  nowhere to go until 6:10 in the morning.  🙂