When I was in college, in Abilene, newly married, a new mom–up to maybe 4 years ago, I was a walker.  It was my exercise of choice–my go to.  I LOVE yoga, but I find that I REALLY need to be in a yoga class, and those are few and far between in Magnolia.

The past three or four years, I’ve not walked much except at school, in the grocery store–you get it.  Not walking for exercise or walking for fun or walking for contemplation–joyless walking.

That is very sad.

Tonight, about 7:45, I felt a feeling–one I’d not felt in a long while.  It was need.  Like, “I need to get a drink of water,” or, “I need to put on a pair of socks,” or, “I need to scratch my nose.”  It was the need to walk.  It had to be done.

So I announced to my family (except Thad who was buried in his room on his computer), “I am going for a walk.”  Tony who used to take this as second nature said, “Really???”



And so, I did.  I put on my shoes and stretched my calves and walked a mile.

In my own shoes.



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