For Laura

Dear Laura,

I am so thrilled you came into the shop today. First of all, that you loved the little yellow bird who “spoke” to you drew my attention immediately. That is why I said you needed to give it a name. I have a ceramic cow named Pearl, a rather large, ceramic rooster named Jean Luc (after Captain Picard of the USS Enterprise no less)and another named Hank as well as hens named Henrietta (she is Hank’s wife) and Julia.

I loved your description of the traveling rock from your home in Africa, and I wish I could have recorded your voice as you quoted Emily Dickinson. (Have you ever read the children’s book called Emily by Michael Bedard? The illustrations are by Barbara Cooney, so they are VERY Emily. I would love to hear you read it. You should work for Audible and read novels!!!!

I also very much enjoyed our conversation about long distance loves, God’s Providence, and unicorn memes. And I have NEVER before heard anyone say the word “glum” and make it sound elegant.

More than anything, I want you to know that even though we live continents and oceans apart and only conversed for a whopping ten minutes, you are my friend. Because I know (and I bet you do too) that were we given the chance we would REALLY be friends.

Along with ceramic animals that speak to me, and memes that make me laugh, I also love words. I have begun a list of words I think should be used more often. On that list are the words incandescent and serendipity–both of which apply to you, Laura, a beautifully lit from within happy, unexpected, unexplainable happening on this Saturday in autumn.

I sincerely hope that Texas becomes your newest adventure, and that I get to see you again.



2 thoughts on “For Laura

  1. Lara Duarte

    Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That’s what life is, no? Yesterday was filled with them. You were one of them. I went for a long walk afterwards, to the lake, and the eagles soared majestically above the lake, catching the wind currents, occasionally dipping closer to peer curiously at me, face turned upwards, enraptured.

    Thank you. I, too, already consider you a friend. You have that rare quality William Blake captured in “Auguries of Innocence”: “To see the World in a grain of sand / And a Heaven in a wild flower / Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand/ And Eternity in an hour.”

    Little yellow bird is now called Roxy. We will meet again…

  2. Lara Duarte

    Oh…please stay in touch! I own that book called Emily. Bought it for my niece. Then had to get it for me! I love children’s books. Have you ever seen Wave, by Suzy Lee? I think you would love the joy of discovery it captures.

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