“. . .Poor little old human beings—they’re jerked into this world without having any idea where they came from or what it is they are supposed to do, or how long they have to do it in.  Or where they are gonna wind up after that.  But bless their hearts, most of them wake up …

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Good Books for Boys and the People who Love Them

I am frequently asked to recommend books for kids to read.  I spend a lot of time reading juvenile and young adult literature just so I can recommend them to my own students.  Today I got the request again. . .this time for a boy from 5th-7th grade.  Below is the list I sent verbatim, …

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Wedding Cake for Breakfast.


is a new book of essays about the first year of marriage that is written by several different authors.  Alas, I am trying to win one, and this enters me to do so.  Go check it out at Joshilyn Jackson's blog.


And. . .um. . .my WordPress thing looks funky, so JUST IN CASE. . .HERE is the link not all cleverly disguised as the words to which it refers.