I have not written in a long time.  There has been no time, I say.  Of course, there has been time. . .I have just used it differently–in other ways–walking, cooking, creating test questions, calling parents, running errands.  I just read a book where the main character is an artist who hasn’t done art for almost two decades.  She writes to an old friend–a lengthy, rambling letter–and the friend says to her, “Stop this.  You must create or you will become a menace to society.”  I think I might need to hang that up over every door I walk through on a daily basis.  I must create or I will become a menace to society.

Photo with different filters.  (I don’t know this little girl, nor did I ask her mother’s permission to photograph her or put her on the internets–however, I will say that she looks like any 15-18 month old little girl on the beach from a distance.)  This falls under the category of creating–not being a menace to society.

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 crpOriginal

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 warm 85 Warm

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 cyanCyan

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 deep blueDeep Blue

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 sepiaSepia

Lexington, Spring Break, March 2015 140 under waterUnderwater


Breaking Through

For the beauty of the earth. . .Thanksgiving, November,2014 065

. . .for the glory of the skies. . .

Thanksgiving, November,2014 062

. . .for the love which from our birth, over and around us lies. . .

Thanksgiving, November,2014 061

Lord of all to Thee we raise, this our sacrifice of praise.

(Trees attached to and outrageously blue sky over our wonderful neighbor’s piece of Texas.  All of it courtesy of God.  All photos AS IS out of the camera.)



Palo Duro Scenery

And one more video of sights we saw. My Animoto account doesn’t upload the most crisp photos, so my faves are (again) below in a gallery form that you can scroll through.

Click underlined link below for the video. . .

Palo Duro Scenery.

Click the first photo below to scroll through the gallery

Palo Duro Canyon, 2012

Click on the underlined link below to see a short video of the family photos from our vacation.

Copy of Palo Duro Canyon, 2012.

And here are my favorites should you care to see them up close and personal. Click the first photo to scroll through the gallery.

Um. . .

It’s the end of school.  We are all about wiped slap out.  I want to sleep for a week, get up and eat breakfast, then take a nap.  Other than that, I finally made the kids help clean up the fort they built last weekend.  Something about having every single blanket and kitchen chair in your home all in the middle of the living room floor just makes things feel a bit messy–never mind that the kitchen and laundry have taken on a life of their own.  It’s nearly 9:00 p.m.  The kids are just now eating dinner and watching Phineus and Ferb.

On a school night.

See?  nearly summer.  We did the fort early this year, so I guess we’ll do everything else early too.

Now for some random photos, because I WANT to blog, but that’s just not happenin’.