Another Great List

What is it with all of these people and their great lists this week? Man, oh, man. You MUST go over to Linda’s place and read her list of political vernacular through the lense of motherhood. I have all but quit listening to the news, so weary am I and ready for this whole election to BE DONE ALREADY. . .but this post is priceless.

(BTW–she has lots of gee-gaws on her site, so it may take it a minute to load up. Be patient. It’s worth it.)

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One thought on “Another Great List

  1. Gee Gaws? Oh. Some people say it takes time to load, some say no. My page looks very different at work than at home, too. It’s weird. Anyway, thanks for the link! You are too sweet. Did you check out the videos today? They are so funny.

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